How Josh can help:

  • Tactics to lower your cost of tuition
  • Strategies to make the cost of college more manageable
  • A smart student loan strategy that can save you thousands of dollars
  • An understanding of how much tuition you can afford and how to lower your bill
  • Your likelihood of getting financial aid
  • Tax Credits that can save you thousands
  • Tax scholarships for small business owners
  • Navigate need based vs. Merit based Aid
  • Pay for college without disrupting retirement plans
  • Get the most “bang for your buck” in a college

The Dollars and Sense of why ACT/SAT prep is important

As you are preparing for college there are many important factors to consider, but one large component is the sheer costs of college. For many families (especially with more than one child) college is the single largest expense they will ever purchase.

One of the easiest ways to ease the burden on your family is through scholarships.

And every family regardless of income can apply for merit based financial aid (scholarships earned by your child’s sweat equity). If you plan ahead and put in the work – these merit-based scholarship can save you tens of thousands! And the award process is often pretty straight forward…

Merit Based Scholarships – Grid System

Many colleges have offer merit-based scholarships on a “grid” system.

If you meet the requirements at each level of the grid your get X number of dollars.

Each level has its financial requirement and each level has it’s amount of money offered if you exceed that requirement. (See Below).

Arm yourself with a good GPA and good ACT/SAT scores and put yourself in great position to get money to help ease the financial burden.

High School GPA**High School CurriculumResident Scholarship RangeNon-Resident Scholarship Range
3.50+Rigorous Coursework$30,000-$60,000
(half to full tuition per year)
(half to full tuition per year)
3.50+Rigorous Coursework$20,000-$44,000 per year
($7,000-$17,000 per year)
3.50+Rigorous CourseworkUp to $28,000
(up to $7,000 per year)
Up to $44,000
(up to $11,000 per year)
Josh Bennett

Josh Bennett

College and Educational Consultant

About Josh Bennett, CFP®

Josh is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and the founder of Vincere Wealth Management. Josh is also a passionate personal finance nerd.

Josh Actively works with families on how to balance the high cost of paying for college with their other financial goals (such as retirement). Josh is the son of a college professor and grew up with a passion for higher education.

Josh’s passion for higher education and for helping families with their finances is what led him to start Venere’s college funding program.

Josh is happy to offer you and your family an initial consulting session to answer any questions about his service and how it can help your family better afford the costs of college.