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Students in Lafayette have been using our private tutoring service to stay on track and score higher in their tests like ACT, SAT, and ISEE

Improve your ACT score by 3-5 points

Your ACT score is your best bet to secure admission in a college or University across the nation. It is a criterion used by colleges when shortlisting applications of students. Of course, your GPA in High School, personal essays, letters of recommendations etc are also important but the weight given to ACT scores is the highest. On Track Learning Lafayette has helped hundreds of students in staying on track and increasing their ACT scores. Our ACT classes a are scientific and comprehensive. It prepares students in such a way that they can write perfect answers. Our material is based upon actual questions asked in ACT exam, so students do not face any problems on the day of the exam.

·         Math syllabus covered from 9th to 11th grade

·         Homework given for practice every week

·         Numerical and graphs covering algebra, geometry, and math

·         Tips to prepare for exam

·         Help in essay writing and vocabulary building

·         5 practice tests

·         Guaranteed improvement of 150 points over previous ACT score

Improve your SAT score by 150 points

SAT scores are used by most colleges and universities when granting admissions to students. While they also look at your GPA, recommendation letters, personal essays, extracurricular activities and interview, weight allotted to SAT score is high. On Track Learning Lafayette has helped hundreds of students in improving their previous SAT scores by nearly 150 points. Our SAT classes are comprehensive, and tailor made according to the requirements of the student. Our SAT tutor teach students how to write answers that scorers are looking at. We have mastered the pattern of questions asked in SAT exam and we can prepare students for sure shot success in this exam.

  • Verbal review and complete syllabus of math from 9th to 11th grade
  • Practice papers as homework every week
  • All functions of math, algebra, and geometry concepts explained
  • Tips and strategies for taking the test
  • 5 practice tests simulating actual exam conditions
  • Tutors with loads of experience
  • Guaranteed improvement of 150 points in previous SAT score

Better grades for OTL students

Students of OTL can expect not just good scores and grades in their exams but also much improved confidence because of improvement in their knowledge base. Private tutoring from OTL is regarded in high esteem by students in Lafayette because of the professional study environment they get and the high quality of instruction from the tutors. We match the strengths and weaknesses of each student with a suitable tutor to make sure that students get the most out of private tutoring. Our approach and strategy with every student is different depending upon his grade and requirements. We make sure that there is a strong and positive relationship between the tutor and the student. This allows for open communication that lays the foundation of academic success.


Why OTL Lafayette?

Modern education has become tough and demanding on students. Every student needs clarification of his doubts about concepts taught in the classroom. At OTL, we provide personalized attention to every student so that he can make sense of all the concepts and learn things that he probably missed in the classroom. Our tutoring also boosts the confidence of the student which helps in improved performance in tests. If your kids are falling behind in their classes and it has started to show on their confidence level, the time to act is now. Enroll with the private tutoring service of On Track Learning to give a big boost to the performance of your kids in school. You will also notice a visible improvement in their confidence levels.


Making success a habit for all students

On Track Learning has the mission of fostering academic excellence in all its students. We help in realizing the true potential of a student through customized sessions and personalized attention. Whether a student needs assistance for doing his homework or needs to improve his scores in various tests, OTL has a great team of experienced tutors to meet all requirements of its students. Every student enrolled at OTL gets a customized study plan that helps in reaching his goals.

The process of getting help from OTL

If you are a parent with school going kids in Lafayette, it is very easy and simple for you to enroll at OTL and fulfill the dreams of your kids. 

·         You can contact us today to set up an appointment where we will provide a totally customized consultation for the student.

·         We will design a tutoring plan and find a perfect tutor for your kids

·         Your student can receive tutoring sessions at home or our learning center in Lafayette. 

·         We will appoint a staff member to keep in touch with you to get feedback on the academic progress of your kids.

I was worried with the poor test scores of my son in ACT. I wondered which college will grant him admission. My brother suggested OTL to me and I enrolled my son with OTL for ACT prep. To be frank, I was not very sure initially, but they have proved me wrong. My son gave a much-improved performance in ACT test and he has successfully got admission in a college of his choice.

Elizabeth May

It depressed me to see the poor grades obtained by my daughter in her school. Poor performance has a bad effect on her confidence and she started to lag all her classmates. Fortunately, I found Lafayette center of OTL where I enrolled her for studies. She has improved drastically in just 3 months and her grades in school have jumped high. OTL always keep me in the loop and inform me about the progress of my daughter in academics.

Ray Illingworth

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