What is a psychoeducational evaluation?

Dr. Bruns, our psychology tutor, conducts psychoeducational evaluations to uncover the underlying cause(s) of academic difficulties when there is no known or suspected medical/neurological disorder.  Dr. Bruns and his team use a variety of assessment tools to identify processing strengths and weaknesses, learning disabilities (e.g. dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalulia), ADHD, non-verbal learning disability, social and emotional disabilities (e.g. anxiety, depression, behavioral disorders), intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder or ASD, and other psychological disorders impacting learning and school performance. Psychoeducational evaluations include an in-depth review of educational records, parent and teacher interviews, observations, rating scales, and individually administered tests to assess children and adolescents in the following areas:

  • Sensory-motor processes
  • Attention and impulse regulation
  • Processing Speed
  • Working Memory
  • Auditory Processing
  • Language
  • Visual-Spatial Processing
  • Memory
  • Executive Functioning (e.g. planning, cognitive flexibility)
  • Reasoning
  • General Intelligence
  • Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Functioning
  • Academic Skills (e.g. reading, writing, mathematics)

What is an educationally related mental health assessment?

Dr. Bruns and his associates conduct educationally related mental health assessments to determine whether or not a child may require mental health related services in order to benefit from their special education program.  This assessment typically entails detailed health and developmental history, diagnostic interviews, observations, and standardized measures of personality, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning.

What are the purposes of an evaluation?

As an educational psychologist in the East Bay Area, Dr. Bruns and his associates conducts psychoeducational, neuro-educational, and educationally related mental health assessments to assist families and schools in determining whether a child has a learning disability, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, social and/or emotional disability, or other condition that significantly impacts learning and school performance. This information can then be used to develop an individualized intervention plan that supports the child future successes in school. Some of the benefits of an assessments include:

  • Fair unbiased evaluation of a student’s learning and behavioral needs
  • Specific information regarding learning strengths and weaknesses
  • Assistance for parents and schools in planning appropriate interventions support
  • Assist in determining eligibility for Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Assist in determining eligibility for Section 504 accommodations
  • Assist in determining eligibility for College Board (SAT) accommodations

What should I as a parent expect from this process?

  • The process begins with a free 20 minute telephone consultation during which Dr. Bruns will ask about your concerns and reasons for seeking evaluation.
  • Dr. Bruns will answer any questions that you may have and provide recommendations that may, based on the information provided, include a formal evaluation.
  • Dr. Bruns will work with you to determine an appropriate time line, schedule one or more testing sessions, and provide a cost estimate of his services. For psychoeducational evaluations, testing sessions typically last 5 to 7 hours, scheduled over 2 to 3 sessions, and assessment results are completed roughly 2 weeks after testing is completed.
  • ​Parents will receive a comprehensive assessment report from Dr. Bruns and his associates clearly explaining the assessment findings and recommendations. They are encouraged to read through the assessment report and take note of any questions they may have. Dr. Bruns and his associates will then schedule a time to discuss the report findings with them to make sure that the report accurately reflects their son or daughter, answer any questions, and provide guidance in terms of appropriate next steps.

How much does an evaluation cost?

The cost of evaluations varies depending on the number and type of tools and techniques. However, specific costs will be discussed during a free initial consultation and agreed upon prior to the initiation of services. Dr. Bruns is confident that you will find the cost of his services as a Bay Area psychologist to be extremely competitive with others in the field. Flexible payment plans are available and Dr. Bruns also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  In addition, clients with Flexible Medical Spending Plans should investigate reimbursement as they may be able to recover the cost of assessment and/or intervention services.

Jeffery M. Bruns, Ph.D., (ABA)

Jeffery M. Bruns, Ph.D., (ABA)

Licensed Services – Behavior Analyst (ABA), Behavioral/Educational Psychology, Counseling, Mild/Severe Disability, Remedial Care and Cognitive Disabilities.

About Jeffrey

Since completing my work in abnormal child behaviors, I have been working in the field of public education and in private practice as a behavioral therapist, diagnostician and psychologist. Eight of these years have been spent researching and developing for human behavior discipline and management by adopting an industry-based standard of achievement. I took these standards of industry and adapted them to behavior management programs.

Expertise is in the application of Invasive Behavior Modification (Applied Behavior Analysis) for childhood disorders, teenage family dynamics, young adults and the elderly cognitive disabled. Specialization in Psychological, Emotional, and Neurological and Achievement assessment for elementary, secondary and post-secondary disabilities, (evaluations for petition for testing Accommodations based on Learning Disabilities per American with Disabilities Act following National Conference of Bar Examiners and ACT). Specialization in application of Cognitive Behavior Therapy for adolescent programs: Clinical, School wide, Family. I am the author of one other book on child behavior, which is due for publication in the fall: Boys Town. How group therapy can fulfill critical needs of the individual. I am on the board of directors of an educational publishing company as a consultant.