SAT/ACT Test Preparation

Private Test Prep Packages

Each Session is 90 minutes in length

Semi-Private Test Prep Classes

1:5 Teacher to Student Ratio

Each Class is 2 hours in length

Our test preparation packages are customized to fit your goals.

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24-Hour Care
Looking for reasonable tutoring rates? Here at On Track Learning, you are sure to get the most of our ACT tutoring cost!We check on your student’s progress daily to ensure understanding of the concepts learned during the last session. This ensures steady progression in preparation for the upcoming exam. Moreover, we are available to answer any questions or speak in depth at anytime. Coaches will agree that if you want to perform well on game day, you must practice daily. Our 24-care ensures you student is prepared and successful for their standardized test.
Private Instruction
On Track Learning specializes in highly personalized, tailored 1-to-1 instruction in the convenience of your home or at our state of the art center. The 1-to-1 care is a premium service that cannot be duplicated in a classroom. An expert instructor’s undivided attention, leads to greater lesson engagement and a higher degree of accountability. Your child’s learning needs are the sole focus of the program instructor, and the program moves at a pace and difficulty level commensurate with your child’s testing abilities. It’s this type of curriculum that On Track Learning has utilized in its standardized test preparation programs ensuring students succeed.
College Readiness
College readiness is the level of preparation a student needs to enroll and succeed in a credit-bearing general education course at a postsecondary institution that offers a baccalaureate degree or transfer to a baccalaureate program. Current Means to Determine College Readiness include Grade point average, types of courses taken, and general education. We will assess and teach mastery of key cognitive strategies, key content knowledge, academic behaviors, and contextual knowledge as being college-ready
Comprehensive Assessment
We begin each assessment with diagnostic tests that find your student’s strengths and weaknesses. We evaluate the results to find your student’s areas of greatest potential improvement. Having a student take a diagnostic test is good practice, but we can maximize the value we deliver by providing a comprehensive score report. We provide actionable information in a format that is easily understood by students and parents
Interactive Online Course
Our platforms are built by the creators of the ACT and SAT. The practice questions and tests are taken from previous tests, which helps you get used to the format and avoid surprises on test day. It’s a great way to prepare for the ACT, especially since it’s built by the test makers themselves. As you see your scores and percentages change with each course and practice session you complete, you’ll know you’re getting the hang of it. Also, the platforms can be downloaded for free as a mobile app for on-the-go reviewing!
Official Testing Material
This is an essential part of any effective test prep curriculum. Authentic ACT and SAT tests are literally the only way to accurately measure your students’ score improvements. All our practice problems come from official testing material and all of our tests are authentic. Practice like it’s game day!
Proctored Exams
Standardized tests create a great deal of test anxiety for students, and for good reason. This high-stress testing environment is far from ideal for students trying to perform at their peak. Some students may freeze on test day and shut down entirely, while others rush through the test, making numerous careless errors. Studies have shown how important it is for students not only to take practice exams, but also to take them under realistic testing conditions.

We offer proctored exams! Please contact us to register for an exam.