What are SAT Subject Tests and why are they important?

SAT Subject Tests include more than 20 different tests focusing on academic tutoring of specific disciplines, such as English, history and the social sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, and foreign languages. Each subject test lasts 1 hour and consists entirely of multiple-choice questions.

Unlike the SAT Subject Tests, the SAT is largely a test of verbal and math skills. Although you need to know vocabulary and a few formulas, it’s primarily designed to measure how well you read and think, rather than what you know.

The SAT Subject Tests, however, are designed to measure what you know about specific subjects through effective math and chemistry tutors and other subject instructors guaranteed to provide the best learning. Sure, critical reading and thinking skills play a part; but the main purpose of the Subject Tests is to determine exactly what you know about math, history, chemistry, and so on.

The SAT Subject Tests are offered nationally every year in October, November, December, January, May and June.

More information regarding specific subjects test is listed at collegeboard.org.

Why Are Our Services The Best?

Our instructors teach students proven strategies and provide comprehensive, content specific review of exam material. Students will come away knowing how to accurately diagnose and answer each question, as well as develop an understanding of what test scorers are looking for in written sections. There are no surprises on test day!

“At On Track Learning, our instructors empower our students with a  tailored, balanced mix of strategy and content review that comes from their deep understanding of the exam.”

Test taking strategies alone will do very little to improve your student’s SAT score, without your student having an accurate diagnosis of knowledge gaps. We simulate testing conditions during each session, as well as provide your student a proctored exam in every package. We cover all the bases to ensure the success of our students!

How We Outshine Our Competitors

9th to 11th grade math and verbal review
Weekly practice homework
Arithmetic, geometry, algebra, functions and graphs
Test taking tips and strategies
Vocabulary building, effective essay writing, sentence correction, passage comprehension
Instructors with proven experience
5 full length practice tests
Average improvement of 150 points over a previous SAT Test

We offer proctored exams! Please contact us to register for an exam.