Why choose Semi-Private Classes?


Semi-private tutoring at OTL provides the same high-quality individualized instruction as our private sessions, but now at a more affordable group rate. This is the ideal option for students who are looking to supplement their classroom instruction or maintain their knowledge over breaks from school. We have carefully crafted our curriculum to emphasize personal growth, goal setting, and identifying possible areas of improvement so that students needs are met in this group setting.


Semi Private Packages

Each Session is 60 minutes in length

What can you expect from Semi-Private Classes?


OTL’s semi-private tutoring program provides students with a unique combination of online recourses and a competitive 1:4 student to teacher ratio. The program begins with a placement test that allows each student to be paired with a seasoned tutor. The tutor will then use the results of the placement test to identify and address relevant knowledge gaps through both individualized instruction and Study Island, our online platform. During the hour-long session, each of the four students will work at their own pace on questions which have been hand-selected by the tutor to target areas of improvement. The tutor will also float between the student’s, providing one-on-one instruction as necessary. Finally, parent’s will receive an email from the tutor after each session updating them on their student’s progress to ensure accountability and academic growth.