Summer Programs

On Track Summer Programs


How Summer Tutoring Works:

Students will be assessed on their knowledge of the subject matter of the grade they have just completed. If the student needs to re learn certain concepts or ideas, the tutor will re teach the concepts and have the student practice the concept until the student can prove he or she have mastered the concept. Once the student has mastered every concept from the previous grade level, the tutor will introduce the next grade’s subject matter. Students will work out of the exact text book that they will use in their next grade level. OTL’s goal is to have each student be introduced to the first few chapters in the book and for the student to be able to start the new school year with a good foundation of the subject. We would like each student to ’hit the ground running’ so to speak, at the beginning of the school year.

Stay on track this summer by participating in On Track Learnings Summer Programs. We are offering:
+ SAT and ACT Prep Courses
+Middle School Transition Course
+Summer Programs
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