THE NEW PSAT: ACT announced a new test on March 22: the PreACT, a multiple-choice test for 10th grade students preparing to take the ACT. It will be available to schools, districts and states in fall 2016. According to ACT’s press release, the test’s subject areas will be English, math, reading and science. PreACT will have fewer questions but will use the same 1-36 scoring scale as the full-fledged ACT. The test joins ACT and ACT Aspire Early High School on ACT’s menu and will cost $12 per student.


Each year nearly 3 million high school juniors and seniors take the ACT to assess their college and career readiness. Test results help show students their areas of strength and where they need to improve. They also provide useful information about possible career paths and help inform important high school decisions.

The new PreACT empowers students, parents, and educators with this valuable data even sooner, providing:

  • Early indication of progress to help guide action plans.
  • Fast reporting so teachers and students can quickly start turning PreACT data into action.
  • Easy, flexible, and affordable administration that gives students high-stakes practice in a low-stakes environment.

The choices a student makes in high school help chart a course for life after it. Educators can use insights from PreACT report data to help students prepare for success—and start making informed choices well before graduation.

PreACT data can help support strategic conversations and facilitate a deeper understanding of overall student progress. Schools also can use report data to make important dual enrollment decisions, identify curriculum gaps, and implement interventions on behalf of all students. PreACT can be administered any time between September 1 and June 1. ACT will provide training to help educators administer PreACT.